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Frequenzwechsel is back.

The station with the unspellable yet unspeakable name will broadcast for you from the 10th SonneMondSterne Festival in Thuringia. We start our program on thursday, 10th at 20 pm. (CET) and will go on until sunday, 13th late in the evening (CET). On the site you can listen to the program on 93.6 MHz, or via the borderless internet, right here. You can either choose your stream on the upper right corner or the stream section. Be sure you have a player capable of playing ogg or mp3. Foobar or Winamp should serve well. For any questions, discussions or any other communication, check out our Chat on the IRC. Again be sure your browser understands the IRC-protocol. Firefox users should get Chatzilla, but mIRC is also available for free. Log in to the channel frequenzwechsel on the sever radiostudio.org,
Enjoy the program!

As you all know we hosted a DJ-Contest in the run-up of the festival. These are the winners, who play their set in our studio:

Doppeldex (Dennis Müller)
Binary & Durden (Ronald&Enrico Böhme)
Lukka Krasnitzky (Patrick Lanitz)
Still Playboyz (Ken Heinze & M.Buchmann)
Jungszimmer (Rene Oehler)
Steve Cole (Steve Masthoff)
Elekktro (Tino Lichtenecker)
Lucio Gasparo (Hendrik Teichmann)
Dana Ruh (Dana Gerth)
DJ Bassment (Thomas Keller)
Viviene Hilton

Congratulations & see you on the SonneMondSterne

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