schedule june, 17th

20:00 to 22:00 guest DJ Krom D of DubClub.LE
22:00 to 24:00 Cliquenique DJ-Set

Don´t mention the w...!
Things just happen. At one moment you think you´re safe from harm and with a nice dub-feature on your hands that you can play to your
audience, guests included, insiders and live-set at your command. Two
phone calls later you stand there virtually butt-naked with nothing but
a upcoming broadcast to fill. But then again you decide to dance your
troubles away in a squatted factory building and... guess what?
There you meet a nice DJ from Leipzig who tells you he and his friends
just formed Dubclub.LE, a collective of several DJs, vocalists et
cetera. Group members have been active in the last several years and for example played as opener for the infamous Glynn "Bigga Bush", former vocalist of Rockers Hi-Fi, this year. And one of them will be our guest this saturday, playing some vienna style dub stuff and give us an overview about some of the styles his crew furthermore performs.

After that we will play a mix done by Cliquenique aka DJs Bios and
Johnny Went. Those guys may like it minimal, so watch out for tiny
clicks and synth-pads laying noisy dust on your eardrums (the latter
freshly pounded by the previous dub bass inferno).

This is it! We´re ready and eager to have you as our listeners and have
a littele chat with you! I, as the author of this text, being situated in Germany, expect your compliments for writing a newsletter that doesn´t mention the ongoing world champinsh...Oops!
Ok, now i´ve done it. So what?!? Yes, I know, Italy is going to play against the USA! Who cares? Anyway, even if you want to watch it, there´s nothing wrong with tuning in to our station and add a little rythm to the game. The Yankees shure might need it ;-)

by the balls...


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