schedule july, 1st
20:00 - 21:00 Guestcast by Beee and Boris "Wip Wap" Werner
21:00 - 23:00 Brandenburg Allstars Special
23:00 - 24:00 Kombinat 100

*+#&§%{§!!!!! Saturday morning and the newsletter isn´t ready!
Sorry guys, still in delirium from yesterdays soccer match (yes, to me it DOES matter) I completely forgot to inform you about this Saturdays broadcast. And what a broadcast it will be! Heres 3 good reasons not to miss it:
1. Our friend Beee from the Netherlands, who could be referred to as
SonneMondSternes outpost in the dutch neighborhood, sent us a podcast to broadcast. ("Podcast. to broadcast"...I had to write that!) Here, together with his friend Boris, he will give us an overview about upcoming releases from the dutch electronic music scene.
2. With the SonneMondSterne coming up soon, we thought it would be nice to get closer on some of its participants. People who went there may remember the last men standing. The stage of the Brandenburg Allstars collective was still pounding on Sunday when the rest of the festival had already started packing their things. We interviewed Dirk, one of the founders of Brandenburg Allstars, giving us an introduction to their work and some statements concerning the soundscape of eastern Germany.
3. Kombinat 100, one of the live acts that performed on the Brandenburg Allstars stage last year (my favorite festival act!) where also in for an interview and we will present you their latest record.
That should be enough reasons for you to be online when we start our broadcast tonight at 8. Counter-arguments soccerwize are useless. We answered those in the last newsletter. The next important match is Tuesday and as for Italian plans to win this world cup consider this
See you in the chat!



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