schedule january, 14th
2o.oo netlabel-special: zerinnerung (berlin) - Website
Digitalverein - Deep Fragments Mix - zerinnerung mix 006
Oliver Günsel - Winterthought - zerinnerung mix 026

22.oo serato vs. cycloops (live)

Our first show in 2oo6 will be full of electronical entertainment.
The first two hours, we broadcast a special-feature on the
netlabel zerinnerung from berlin. zerinnerung head Q-Man will
give some explanatory statements on how, who and why questions.
in the meantime you can hear 2 mixes from zerinnerung, using
exclusive netaudio and therefore copyleft material. give it a try!

Starting 22:00, we have some very special guests in our studio.
serato vs. cycloops had only a few possibillities djing together,
one of them being SonneMondSterne Festival 2oo5. With 3 turntables,
2 mixers and shitloads of effect thingies they try to put your
dancing mood at maximum. While cycloops has its roots in the
early eighties, serato provides the melting pot with his incredible
scratching and cutting skills thus shaping it alltogether into
a unique audiophonic sensation. call it as you like, but don't miss it.


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