schedule february, 4th
2o.oo fluffy stuff (things you´d hear at the plüsch-club)

22.oo netmusic: sniffing on mabafus new release -

Hello again, Frequenzwechsel-friends! The smoke has cleared and our studio has recovered from the last performance of serato vs. cycloops. So life goes on and it's time for another broadcast. Lucky for us (and the rest of the world), Mabafu, a now Berlin-based artist and long-time friend, will visit us and present his 4th record "Sonido del Callao". Mabafu describes his sound as "rum and salsa running through a usb-port". After spending some time in ecuador his mostly trip-hop and dub-based music became an additional touch of latin, which lead to the release of "Bahia Aleman" on the net-label sofasound - Who has heard his previous works will know that this guy's music can roundhouse-kick you to the carribean faster than chuck norris. So better get your hammocks in place and put on your dancing shoes - anything can happen! To get you into the mood, dj frottefrosch will open the session with two hours of delightful fluffy sounds. So be there and meet us in the chat as we chill for thrill!


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