schedule april, 22th
2o.oo Machtdose | Website
21.oo Poets Club | Website
23.oo n.n.

You didn´t expect us back this soon, did you? But Frequenzwechsel has big plans and last times space-mission was just one small step closer to world domination. Beware! We have expanded our team significantly and will (hopefully) now be able to broadcast regularly twice a month. And provide you even with some female voices on the microphone, a real gimmick in this nerdy mens world of webradio.

After exploring the world east of Germany we return this time and go a
little west. Saturday night will begin with a netlabel mix by Frankfurt
based community Machtdose and a short interview of one of its members. Machtdose has formed itself out of a local radio project and has now its own radioshow on Frankfurts Radio X. On their website they inform about all kinds of activities off the beaten track of the mainstream. We stay around Frankfurt exploring its outskirts, namely the idyllic Lorsbachtal, where we meet Christian Kessler from PoetsClub Records. PoetsClub is, contrary to our usual guests, a „real world“ label realising vinyl and cds on a regular basis. It features artists like DJ Eastenders and KieserVelten (formerly on GStone Records). Musically and verbally we will explore the labels past and present and take a closer look at some of its acts.

So be there! The fact that we will be back soon sure is no excuse to
miss this saturday nights broadcast. Join us by listening to the stream
and entering the chat to give us some feedback.


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