schedule may, 6th
2o.oo Groove Mix by Lawrence
21.oo Zughafen special with music by DJ Fräulein Rot and Danny| Website

Hi out there!
Time keeps running and passing and the sunny weather makes it easy to forget that there are people who stay inside just to provide you with fresh sound and information every second saturday night. Yeah right!
Of course, Frequenzwechsel members didn´t lose time and got tanned in parks and left out no opportunity to make the alcohol industy happy.
But in doing so, we gathered new forces for the upcoming events by harvesting ideas end even more team members. And of course we will be in the studio! This saturday!

Now see what we got:
We will start slowly into the evening with a nice 60 minutes mix by Lawrence from Hamburg.
Our main part this time will be a report on Erfurts Zughafen collective.
Frequenzwechsel took a closer look to see that this place has to offer a lot beyond their main acts like Clueso and Rythm Club. We interviewed Norman Bates on Zughafens philosophy, as well as its past and future. And we invited Format: C aka Djs Fräulein Rot and Danny to our Studio to show us what their recordbags can carry.
Expect nothing but a good time!


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