schedule may, 20th
2o.oo - 24.oo, live from the STFU! festival, weimar.
Restless we are, travel we do. Shut the fuck up?

Several Frequenzwechsel members stayed restless the last two weeks - travelling in order to establish and maintain friendly networks from Valencia over Antwerp, to Vienna and Prague, some even reaching Hongkong. Those who found their way back to Weimar still dizzzzzy from eclectic experiences - don't have to miss international flavour: Addicts of electronic music are flooding Weimar from all over Europe to join STFU festival!
"Shut the fuck up!" is the message from may 17th to 20th. After events in Manchester, Glasgow and Leeds, it is Weimar's turn to welcome this collective of musicians, netlabels and promoters. The idea for the festival was born out of a group of musicians getting in contact via net, first meeting irregularly to exchange ideas and music. They established STFU as a platform, an "open space for exploration, communication and creativity", to spread their vibe and share their skills.
They're claiming to be "Closing the Gap" between allegedly incompatible music styles, and taking live-performance art to a higher level. Workshops in various fields and free jam sessions allow the audience to be part of the action.And we will make it possible for you to join, too: Saturday night Frequenzwechsel
On Saturday 20th, just before the final STFU Festival party in Weimar with Djs such as Move D, DNCN, Sneakthief and others, we will give you an overview about STFU festival, the idea of netlabels and music right issues. Some of the featured artists are invited to come to our studio, which is placed inside the festival area this time. They will give us an insight to creative ways of making music-for example with good old nintendo gameboys. One hour of broadcast will be dedicated to their exclusive live jam session for Frequenzwechsel which will guide us into the partynight.
Come over to the e-werk in Weimar or tune in to the Stream and join the Chat!

Let's go with a bang! And we won't shut the fuck up!


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