schedule june, 3rd
2o.oo-24.oo, go guy coffee, game is not over!

Oh no! Its sunday morning and the dog has hidden the coffee!
You dont want this to happen, do you? So heres our reminder to keep your dog out of the kitchen and your coffee stashed away. Saturday is coming and we expect you to make the best of it. As far as I can see, its going to be a sunny day (here in whymar at least) so everybody should take his mortal shell outside and do some photosythesis. Then, relaxed an tanned, at 8 o´clock you should have
returned to your homes for dinner and the first drinks before the great finale. This is where we step in:
Two weeks went by rapidly and its broadcast day! So tonight from 8-12 pm you should tune in to our stream and we will accompany your pre-party activities (or whatever else) with nothing but music and our voices, the latter smooth and relaxed, since we shall follow the
above advice and arrive in exstatic tranquillity, believing that summer has come at/to last.
And what is it going to be? Well, after our legendary out-of-the-studio
experience at the STFU-netmusic festival in weimar where which the best of us presented until 7 o´clock in the morning, we decided to take it easy on you and us this time. That means we will search our archives for music material you haven´t heard yet, some still from the festival, some from our personal stacks. Thus the schedule this time is not a complicated one. But in these complicated times sometimes its a relief to find things plain and simple such as 4 hours of good music provided by nice people in the enviroment you choose.

simply yours


dank an: